The Conversations We DREAD: Preparing Well So We’re Confident

Beyond SW101: February 13th, 2023

February 13th - The conversations we DREAD: Preparing well so we’re confident

This workshop addresses the importance of knowing our worry, our audience and our leverage as we enter into the conversations that sometimes keep us up at night. We will learn a structure for how to think through and plan for these situations, resulting in increased confidence and better outcomes.

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March 13th - Thinking on our feet in the middle of the DREADFUL conversations

Child welfare work is complex and demands our best in the middle of very difficult situations. Practitioners will learn a framework to help everyone slow down and access their best thinking, even in the midst of chaos.

April 10th - The family doesn’t want to work with me: Now what?!

We often feel stuck when voluntary services are rejected by families. Learning how to use relational and other forms of leverage to keep things moving forward is essential and exactly what the focal point of this session will be.

May 8th - I’m sick of asking scaling questions that fail, help!

Scaling questions are hugely beneficial in child welfare work, and hugely frustrating if not used well. Practitioners will learn a tool that not only helps define the goalposts but teaches them to go beyond a scaling question and into a full scaling conversation.

June 12th - My network meetings always turn into fights: Mitigating shame by bringing out everyone’s best

Shame brings out everyone’s worst and is critically important for anyone working in the child welfare world to understand. Practitioners will learn to recognize it and counteract its toxicity.

July 10th – The more I meet with this family the more hopeless things become: How do I turn that around?

Cultivating hope is maybe the most critical skill that is required of anyone working in child welfare. This workshop will focus on growing the research-based skills for cultivating hope that anyone can learn and bring forward to the families we work with.

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