Questions That Make a Difference Part 1

Creating Change with Curiosity

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"This course is great! It's small chunks of learning that anyone in our agency can apply to their job right away."

Roger, Frontline Staff

Missouri, USA

The Power of Questions

We're crazy-excited about questions and the power of asking them!

In this course we'll:

  • share a simple framework for leading conversations with curiosity and humility
  • practice different types of questions
  • explore a philosophy behind asking questions

No matter your role, we guarantee this course will bring value to you and your work today!


"The Questions Course is the best thing we've done in the past three years! I wish we would have done this course first. The questioning skills we are learning are such an important foundation for everything else we've covered."

Stephanie, Supervisor

Missouri, USA


By the end of this 3 session course participants will be able to...

  • Lead conversations with more useful questions
  • Form various kinds of questions including perspective questions, coping questions, exception questions, and preferred future questions
  • Communicate with increased clarity and understanding
  • Ask questions with more humility and curiosity

Course Curriculum

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Questions That Make a Difference Course

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No portion of this course can be duplicated, published or distributed without direct permission from SafeGenerations. Contact [email protected] with questions or requests.

Your Course Developer

SafeGenerations Team
SafeGenerations Team

The SafeGenerations Team has worked with policymakers, researchers, and field experts like you to develop this course. The full-time team (Andrea Robideau, Bill Schulenberg, Sarah Sundman and Sherry Amelse) has more than 50+ combined years of experience in direct practice counseling youth and families as well as safety and well-being planning with families who are involved in child welfare. They know first-hand what it takes to learn and grow in the practice of asking questions and leading conversations. SafeGenerations has provided training and consulting services to more than 70 jurisdictions across the United States and Canada to date. SafeGenerations offers training, consulting, and implementation services as well as practical technology tools to serve the whole organization - from frontline practitioners to the executive leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is this course designed?
Whether you're a director, supervisor, or front-line staff - whether you work in a large agency or independently - whether you work in child welfare, mental health, or legal services - this course is for you. The Questions That Make a Difference course is designed for small groups of professionals.
How long do I have access to the course?
You and the other members of your small group will have access to your online classroom for up to one month after you complete the course.
How can I get my team enrolled?
Just click the link in the orange bar at the top or bottom of the page to purchase your classroom! You will receive a confirmation email and then we will reach out to you to walk you through the process of getting your group learning experience started.
Is there homework?
The only "homework" is to apply what you learn to your daily, it shouldn't take extra time beyond the 3 total hours you spend learning together with your small group! Come to each session prepared to share what you've learned from applying the ideas to your everyday work.
When does the course start and what is the schedule?
You and your group can start the course as soon as you're enrolled. There are 3 sessions. You can design a schedule that works for your group. We recommend scheduling sessions at least 1-week apart and no more than 6 weeks apart. If you're looking for something longer consider taking the full Questions That Make a Difference Small Group Course, which is 8 sessions.
How many people can we have in our small group?
Registering for a small group course includes access to the online classroom for up to 12 people. Two of the people in your group will serve as your group facilitators, guiding you through the online curriculum.

Click here to launch the Questions that Make a Difference Course in your Agency!

Your classroom will close one month after your last scheduled session.