Words & Pictures for COVID-19

Using Words & Pictures to Help Children Understand COVID-19


Our day-to-day lives are being impacted in unexpected and complicated ways because of the Coronavirus, COVID-19. There are difficult impacts for adults and even more complex impacts for children.

Created by Susie Essex and her colleagues in the UK, Words & Pictures helps kids understand difficult situations in simple ways.

As children put together a coherent narrative, they are less likely to experience long-term negative impacts of difficult situations. Join passionate helping professionals from around the world as we grow your skills in working with kids. We'll learn how to prepare well, draft a Words & Pictures, and read a Words & Pictures. We'll share examples and ideas with each other. See you there!


Featuring Susie Essex

Susie has over 40 years experience in Child Protection work. She qualified as a Probation Officer in 1975 and transferred to work with Children in 1977, working as a frontline Social Worker. Susie has experience as a Child Psychiatric Social Worker, Local Authority Child Protection Manager, Child Care Training Manager, and Consultant Family and Systemic Psychotherapist. Susie has also been a Lecturer in Child Protection at University of Bristol, and Head of Family Therapy Service.

Susie was a creative therapist and trainer who worked collaboratively within a statutory / mandated context. Her lectures and workshops were considered both informative and lively with opportunity to discuss and challenge her ideas. Her work has transferred readily to different presenting child protection problems, to different agency contexts and in working with diversity particularly different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and religions.

In the early 1990’s Susie as Lead Practioner, along with her colleagues Colin Luger, John Gumbleton, and Jan White, developed the Resolutions approach to denied/disputed Child Protection concerns and stuck cases. The approach put the welfare and safety of children at the centre of the work and was in response to older children who had come forward to end abuse but didn’t want an end to their family. Susie and her colleagues had over 25 years experience using the Resolutions approach, with children and young people across the age range, and with their families and extended kinship systems. This approach is now being used in Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, USA, and Canada, a key emphasis is on openness and establishing a safe network for children. Children are at the centre of the approach and their future safety is the key theme throughout every aspect of the work.

Susie is now retired living in Cornwall UK. She still does one off pro bono consultation for stuck child protection cases.

Susie Essex

July 2019

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SafeGenerations Team

The SafeGenerations Team has worked with policymakers, researchers, and field experts like you to develop this course. The full-time team (Andrea Robideau, Bill Schulenberg, Sarah Sundman and Sherry Amelse) has more than 50+ combined years of experience in direct practice counseling youth and families as well as safety and well-being planning with families who are involved in child welfare. They know first-hand what it takes to learn and grow in the practice of asking questions and leading conversations. SafeGenerations has provided training and consulting services to more than 70 jurisdictions across the United States and Canada to date. SafeGenerations offers training, consulting, and implementation services as well as practical technology tools to serve the whole organization - from frontline practitioners to the executive leaders.

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