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"The SafeGen team is very skilled at working difficult child welfare cases and they've found innovative ways to spread their learning.

I stand behind them! I'm so impressed with their Online Learning Academy. This integrated learning is the way of the future. It will transform child welfare training, development, and practice!"

Susie Essex, United Kingdom

Consultant Family Therapist and

Co-Author of Working with 'Denied'Child Abuse The Resolutions Approach

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"After using SafeGenerations Child Welfare Academy

my team was so energized.

I've never seen my staff have

so much joy for their work!"

Emily, Supervisor

Missouri Children's Division, USA

"I'd recommend the SafeGen Child Welfare Academy to other child welfare workers because the courses provide you with concrete skills that you have the opportunity to practice in real situations."

Sharon, Supervisor

Family and Children's Services of Lanark, Leeds, and Grenville, Ontario, Canada


"TOP TEN" Best Things

About SafeGenerations Child Welfare Academy

1. Build internal capacity - We provide coaching for select staff to take on the role of facilitators

2. Safe, intentional, ongoing learning - Small group learning or independent options

3. Bridge the gap - Onsite workshops are important for introducing ideas; our learning academy brings the ideas straight to day-to-day practice

4. Avoid information overload - Our courses break down concepts into small chunks that are applied between sessions

5. Meet ‘em where they’re at - Every individual gets a chance to push themselves. Whether your staff are at the beginning of their child welfare practice or are veterans, there's something for everyone

6. In it together - Everyone’s participating, everyone’s collaborating and everyone’s growing - together - while on their own individualized learning journey

7. Support a culture of learning - the child welfare academy creates a structure and discipline for deliberately incorporating learning as part of your agency’s culture. As a team, you carve out specific time to get together to practice, collaborate, share ideas, and learn from each others' practice

8. Unify your approach - Implementing change in practice across the organization takes time. This online academy gives you a consistent, in-depth application for your staff

9. A fraction of the cost - Scale the learning to everyone in your agency for a fraction of the cost of live workshops

10. Money back guarantee - If you don’t like it you can cancel before 1/3 of your course is finished and get a full refund

"The course I took at SafeGen's Child Welfare Academy helped me shift my practice so that families' voices shine through, which, in turn, leads to success. It is our job to move our agencies forward so that we can successfully serve our community and this academy is where to start."

Gabe, Facilitator

Family and Children's Services of Mendocino County, California, USA

Contact us TODAY to decide which learning opportunities would be best for your team!

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