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  Session 8: Module B - Immediate Safety

In Session 8 we are pressing rewind and going all the way back to the beginning of our work with families. We are going to look at involving networks on the front end to build immediate safety plans.    

One of the important steps of any assessment is to assess for immediate safety. When immediate threats to a child’s safety have been identified, ideally, practitioners and families work together to develop an immediate safety plan to make sure the children will be safe short-term, often while the assessment process continues.  

However, there may also be times in ongoing work with families where an immediate safety threat is present and an immediate safety plan needs to be established while the ongoing work continues.  

Individual Reflection:

  • Based on your own experience and what you have taken from this course, how would you go about developing an immediate safety plan with parents and a network? What steps might you take? What is important to cover? 

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