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  Session 4: Module F - Honoring Caregivers and Network Participants

Workers can appreciate the fears and anxieties caregivers experience prior to and during network meetings. Caregivers often feel judged and blamed while sometimes facing frustrated and angry friends and family members. Furthermore, caregivers sometimes report experiencing a great deal of guilt about the responsibilities and commitment pressures the safety planning process requires of their family and friends.  

Therefore, it's helpful to start meetings with a question to the network that is focused on drawing on the strengths of the caregiver. Such as, what impresses you about the caregivers as parents? What are some of the times you’ve seen them be great parents? Taking the time to honor the parents sets the tone for the meeting.   

We would also recommend caregivers and workers find ways to honor the participants for their willingness to commit to this process.      

Group Discussion:

  • What do you think is important about starting network meetings with honoring the parents?
  • What strategies and questions have you used to honor parents?  

Choose one person to enter your group’s reflections in the comment box below.