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  Session 3, Module D: What more came out of that success?

For instance, a worker could say: “My relationship with the mother became much better after she experienced, that I was treating her with respect.


So then, using questions relating to the 4th core element we might ask:

-         So what other positive thing came of that better relationship? Then the worker might add: Oh Yeah, that’s when she gave me permission to talk to the children.

-         So, when she gave you permission to talk to the children, what difference did that make? “Oh yeah, I’ve got a much better view of the whole situation!”.

-         And to what positives did that lead you? “Oh Yeah, We got a much better safety plan!”.

You see where this is going? So the worker is often proud about one thing (in this case, having a better relationship with the mother), but forgetting that a whole line of positives came from this.

Individual Exercise:

Choose a scenario you can think of where you were learning a bit about someone’s success. Draft at least 2 different questions that focus on the 4th core element: 'Tell me what good came of that?' These questions will take the conversation further and explore the chain of success.

Draft your questions in the comment box below. Write them out just how you would ask them. 

Group Discussion:

What is important or valuable about asking questions about the 4th Core Element? (i.e. asking about the success that came from the success)

Take notes from your group discussion in the comment box below.