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  5D: Application

Group Exercise:

In your groups, take turns leading a scaling conversation with the below scenario:

Imagine you're in a conversation with someone who struggles with a drug addiction and they shared about something that happened Friday night where they could have used drugs. The person you are talking to has a sibling who cares a lot about them and the court has become involved. Here's a scaling question to get the conversation started:

  • On a scale from 0-10 where 10 is the situation last Friday was as supportive as it could have been for my sobriety, I wasn't tempted at all and 0 was even though I didn't use, that was the most unsupportive and tempting situation that I could have imagined, what number would you rate the environment you were in last Friday night?

Based on the scaling question above, what follow up questions will you use to lead the scaling conversation, assuming the person rates themselves at a "3".

  • What questions did you ask?
  • What went well?
  • What did you find to be more difficult than you thought it would be?

Write your questions and reflections in the below comment box.