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  2B: Screening Call Part 6: The Scale

Open the Assessment Summary you used during Session #1. We're going to watch the next portion of Kay's conversation with Kelly in a moment. As Kay explores the safety scale with Kelly, record the information Kelly shares in the section(s) of your Assessment Summary where those details fit best.

Note: How you define the end points of the scale (0 and 10) will vary. The end points may relate to safety, well-being, or some other type of success depending on the context of the case. Use your best thinking to inform the development of the end points in a way that will connect for the people involved in each screening call or assessment interview.

Group Discussion:

  • What did you notice about how Kay used the Safety Scale with Kelly?
  • What were the most valuable bits of information that came out of the scaling conversation between Kay and Kelly?
  • How did the scaling question help create a context of shared responsibility for the safety of these children?

Have a volunteer from your group enter notes about your discussion in the comment box below.

Individual Reflection:

If you were assigned to assess the report about Ashlyn's family, who are some other people with whom you would want to explore their rating on the safety scale?

Identify them by name or role in the comment box below.