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  Session 2: Module F - I Understand That I Do Need A Network

Since we believe children cannot be safe without a network, we want to start listening and paying attention to who the family talks about from day 1, even before we formally start asking questions related to building a safety network.

When we ask questions, we want the family to come up with people who are involved in their lives. Sometimes we ask questions before mentioning that a safety network is critical. Some questions we might ask at this point include:

  • Who is the first person you called and talked to about everything that has happened with CPS?
  • Who are the people you feel most supported by, especially in stressful times?
  • Who already knows about what happened?

Many of you have probably experienced parents saying they have no one or very few people who support them or who could be a part of a network. Sometimes we have to ask questions to help them think through the potential challenges if they only have 1 or 2 people. In these situations, finding a workable context to bring into your questions is valuable. We might ask:

  • What have other people said about needing to involve a network (like a judge/CPS/etc.)?
  • What might your kids be worried about if they don't have others to turn to?
  • What do you think my supervisor would be worried about if we only have 1 person for the network? What do you think they would say would be helpful about involving more people?


Think about a current family you are working with where there is some dispute about what happened.

  • Who are the people they have mentioned or haven’t mentioned?
  • What questions could you ask in your next meeting to draw out people who could be involved or to stress the importance of involving others?

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